Can Your Shopify SEO Company Do This?

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ECommerce platforms have changed the way people shop forever. After what happened in 2020, people suddenly discovered that setting up an online store was easier than ever. And their income potential was virtually limitless.

However, this also meant that competition got fierce, and businesses that remained on default mode. Soon outpaced by competitors with a clear understanding of SEO.

I have seen this happen with high-volume businesses based on Shopify. They are at the top one day, and the next they disappear from page one in searches losing customers in droves.

Why does that happen?

For starters, today you can’t do without a Shopify SEO company by your side if you want to remain competitive. However, no two SEO agencies are the same.

While SEO is a tried and true marketing method, arguably the best one so far. Each eCommerce platform and industry behaves differently. For example, a jack-of-all-trades SEO company that claims to work with all eCommerce platforms. Will usually come up with cookie-cutter strategies for your business, thus providing zero advantages when compared to your competitors. Yes, your website will be better optimized, and you might advance some positions in search results. However, these generic campaigns tend to lose steam after a few months and usually lead to frustration and animosity towards everything SEO.

In contrast, a specialized Shopify SEO company knows the ins and outs of this successful platform and knows how to capitalize on its strategic advantages.

For many, Shopify plans impose serious limitations in terms of design, technical SEO aspects, and content capabilities. However, an expert Shopify SEO company knows that these are not limitations but advantages. Turning your Shopify store into an automated selling machine requires extensive knowledge of the platform´s structure and the code that powers it.

Default or vanilla settings give users a balanced feel of the platform´s potential. But you need to strip templates and plugins down to the bare metal, and put in place customized pieces of code that unleash their true power. An in-depth understanding of the platform´s particulars allows expert Shopify developers. To make smart use of page caching and optimize your templates and plugins code to boost your website’s load speeds.

Shopify provides excellent analytic and remarketing tools that help you plan your marketing strategy in real-time. However, an expert Shopify SEO company will bring its own specialized tools. And provide unparalleled insights that can only be acquired through years of experience helping hundreds of businesses achieve success on the platform.

Shopify´s most glaring shortcomings come from its lack of a content management system. But this does not mean you can’t have a successful Shopify content strategy. It only means you need Shopify SEO experts who can seamlessly integrate a content management system into your Shopify store. Leverage the power of social media to generate the engagement and traffic your brand needs to dominate your industry.

There is a reason multi-million dollar companies are running their business on this incredible platform. Shopify is geared towards success. But, just like any precision instrument or machine, you need to optimize your online store for maximum performance if you want to stand out from the crowd. This can only be done with the help of designers, developers, and strategists who have dedicated their lives to helping businesses succeed online.

Learn more about how an expert Shopify SEO company can help your business finally take off and unleash the true potential of your online store. Visit Genius eCommerce today and learn how to take full advantage of this incredible eCommerce platform today.

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