Frustrated About Spam Messages? Check WhatsApp Screen Recorder

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Human nature is very deceiving yet gullible. We are usually blinded by our trust and belief in others and often found ourselves in dumfound situations. The situation could have been avoided if and only if we use our senses to the fullest.  And don’t allow our love or care for others to block our sense of confrontation. My daughter has been in such a situation and the emotional distress she has gone through was unforgettable. Turned out one of her friends thought of making her come out of her shell. The way she found out was to be a secret admirer and spam her inbox like a stalker. Little did she know was that instead of a positive or good effect it would make my daughter more of an anxious child.

Well, she tried to handle it like a pro at first but when she did not respond, her group of friends thought of adding some spice. For example, they told her they know about her home and school and when she goes out, etc. Like every other common person, it was the time to panic. A long story short, the whole mess affected her mental health ver badly that she stopped going out form the house. We filed a complaint and that’s when we found out that her so-called crew was behind it. It was not a good experience at all. Spam messages themselves are bad but what if you found out that it was all a joke.

  • Do You Know during the nationwide lockdown in America there has been a 44% increase in reports by Americans about spam calls and text messages? (Safety

Definitely, it would take some time till the situation will go back to normal for my daughter and her friends.

For me, it was a life lesson. I could help and anything for my daughter and it was the toughest time of her life. So decided to make some amendments. I had a little knowledge about spy app technology so I decided to get it for my teen. The feature that especially grabbed my attention was the WhatsApp screen recorder.

Importance Of Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media is everywhere. We can’t avoid it thus have to find a way to live with peace along with them. Use Of OgyMogy spy app offers more than 10 social media platforms monitoring that can enable parents to keep an eye on the online life of teenagers. It is one way to know about the obsession and interest of the teen and if they are silently struggling with any sort of problem.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder:

The Whatsapp screen recorder feature keeps the record of all the Whatsapp activities of the target for the user. All you need to do is install the app on your kid’s Android or iPhone device when you have physical access to it. As you cant install the app remotely. But don’t worry all the monitoring work can be handled remotely without any problem. The cloud-based app keeps the data saved on the dashboard of OgyMogy.

Spam Message Alert :

Know when your teen receives any spam message and take action right away. If you have a shy kid who does not share much about their personal life. Then his app is definitely for you. You can know about their private message box content and can read the group messages as well.

Know About Contacts Details :

Monitor the contacts detail and track any bully in your teen’s contact list with a WhatsApp screen recorder. It can either be their so-called friends or online buddies. Track the pattern before them and protect your kids from any kind of mental torture or worry.

Easy Access To LogBook:

Another best thing about using the Whatsapp screen recorder is that you can know about all the incoming and outgoing call records of the kid. Know if anyone is spamming them with late-night calls or if they are panicky cutting off the call on the dinner table again and again. OgyMogy can let you know about the caller’s identity and details remotely without your kid knowing and you can take necessary action right away.

OgyMogy social media spy app offer tons of excellent parental control feature that can help parents to assure the wellbeing and safety of their children.

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