Instantly Fix Linksys Extender Connected But No Internet Issue

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Are you facing No internet issue with your Linksys extender? If yes, then you don’t need to panic. Here, in this article, we will guide you through the steps to quickly resolve the ‘Linksys Extender Connected But No Internet’ issue without any difficulty.

What matters the most?

Let’s discuss how an extender works before heading into the troubleshooting techniques. Your Linksys extender works by receiving signals from your router and amplifying them to areas with poor WiFi coverage. You can connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the extender network once it is synced with your router. Then, only you can access the internet throughout your home.

Any disturbance between the connection of your Wifi extender and router results in poor internet connection. Although you will be able to connect to the extender network, but will not be able to access the internet. As a result, you’ll confront the issue.

Troubleshooting Problems

Following a sequence of actions will help you troubleshoot issues with your internet connectivity.

Reboot Your Linksys Extender

Bugs in the hardware or software can also affect the performance of your internet connection. You may resolve this by rebooting your wifi extender device.

To Reboot:

  • You need to disconnect your Linksys extender from all the WiFI-enabled devices and turn it off.
  • Remove it from the power source and set it aside for a while.
  • Then, power on your extender after connecting it to the power source.

Re-connect all your WiFi-enabled devices to the extender and check if the internet is working or not.

Verify Your Internet Connection

High-speed Internet is essential for seamless internet access through Linksys extender. Therefore, check the Ethernet cable if your devices are connected using a wired connection. Any damage on the Ethernet cable can give rise to the no internet issue with Linksys extender. Swap the Ethernet cable if it’s damaged. While using a wireless connection, make sure that your Linksys extender is placed within the range of your home router to get proper WiFi signals.

Additionally, you won’t be able to access the internet if the internet service is down from the ISP side. You are required to check whether the server is down from the backend or not. If the issue arises from the end of the ISP, then you’ll have to contact the ISP to resolve the problem.

Important Note: We suggest you prefer a wired connection while accessing Linksys extender setup wizard for better results.

Verify Login Credentials

Your Linksys extender will only work with your wireless router’s internet connection if the password you’ve entered is correct. You will not be able to connect to the internet if you have entered the incorrect password. To connect to the extender network, make sure you’re using the correct password.

Examine Router for MAC Filters

If the MAC filters are enabled on your home router, then your Linksys extender will require special permissions to connect to the router network. By logging into your router setup wizard, you’ll need to add your extender’s MAC address to the list of allowed MAC addresses. After that, try connecting to the internet once more. If you continue to have problems connecting to the internet, disable the MAC filter and reconnect to the network.

Reset Linksys Extender

If the previous troubleshooting steps don’t work, then you are required to reset your Linksys extender to factory default settings. However, many netizens aren’t aware of the correct procedure to reset your Linksys extender. If you are also the one without any knowledge, then follow the below-listed actions.

To Reset:

  • You need to seek the Reset button situated on your Linksys WiFi extender.
  • Once you have identified the Reset button, push and hold the button using a pin-pointed object until the LEDs start flashing.
  • Then, your Linksys extender will restart automatically and will be restored to default factory settings.

Now, reconfigure your Linksys WiFi extender to access the Linksys WiFi extender setup wizard and enjoy high-speed internet services.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned techniques will surely help you to eliminate no internet issues with your Linksys WiFi extender.


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