Top 7 Important Ways to Make Your Wall Decals Stand Out

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Everyone enjoys making alterations to the space in which they spend the majority of their waking hours. It could be a house or a business. In addition to giving the building a new aesthetic, these renovations also make us happy. Furniture, paintings, showcases, and other decorative accents are frequently chosen to give a room or office a more up-to-date appearance. They don’t even think of painting their walls.

Decorate your home with wall art decals at a fraction of the cost of painting or wallpapering. They enliven any room with their presence. Custom cut-outs, murals, wall borders, and slogans or sayings can be manufactured from matte vinyl or laminated paper and have one-sided adhesive patterns. It’s far easier and quicker to install these than it is to hang a painting. Make wall art a part of your design strategy even if you’re a little unsure about it!

Use 7 Proven Strategies to Make Your Wall Decals Pop!

1. Choose A Location For It 

In order to use wall decals, the first step is to figure out where you want them. A wide variety of wallpaper sticker designs may be found online and offline, but not all of them are appropriate for a given space. Knowing this will help in the creation of the ideal sticker for space.

2. Inspire yourself with some creative ideas 

Having decided on the location of your decal, the following step is to gather ideas. You need to know what’s hot right now and what would look nice in your space, so do some research. To acquire inspiration for your wall decals, Zenith Films sticker printing Singapore is a great place to look.

3. Collect Some Samples

The next stage is to present your ideas to the vendor and ask for a few sample products. You must request samples because not all colours appear the same on your monitor. There are occasions when items that look excellent online don’t look well in the real world as well. In order to achieve your final goal of making a place look brand new, fresh, and gorgeous, we’re confident you don’t want to jeopardize it.

4. Know the Dimensions of the Room

Finding the ideal wall art decal for your environment is also essential. For example, if you have an entire wall that is completely bare, you may want to consider using wall art stickers to fill it up. Alternatively, you may opt to place the sticker at a specific location. Your decals should not be so tiny that they take up too much room.

If your vertical wall space is limited, go for a wall decal that is both tall and thin. Choose a short and thin wall decal if it’s vertical instead. The cost of the decals is also dependent on their size.

5. Consider The Mood You Wish To Create

There is a distinct atmosphere in each space of the house or workplace. You’ll notice a big difference in the atmosphere of a room based on the wall decals you choose. If you want to create a dynamic and enjoyable environment, use bright and vibrant stickers. Choose decals with natural components if you want to create a natural vibe in your home.

6. Pick Your Favorite Shades

No matter what kind of design you’re doing, the use of colours is essential. They have the ability to tap into people’s feelings. They can also reach individuals on a subconscious level by communicating with them in this way. It’s important to make sure that the wall stickers you choose are appropriate for the room.

There are so many colour possibilities available today. You can also ask the sticker printing Singapore services to create a bespoke colour scheme if you aren’t happy with the options available.

7. Decorating Your Bedroom With Wall Decals

If you want to unwind in your bedroom, the decor should reflect that. When it comes to selecting bedroom wall stickers, no two styles are alike. Bedroom wall decals can be found in the following varieties:

All four walls: Using a simple horizontal stripe pattern gives the room a modern feel.

Cover a single wall: If you only want to decorate one wall with a wall decal, use a big and dramatic print. They’ll make it easier for you to draw attention to the wall’s highlights. The use of gloss, mica, or metallic finishes will elevate designs from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dado rail wallpaper: It’s simple to draw attention to a chair or dado rail that divides a room. With bead wallpaper and paintable wooden planks, you may get a classic aesthetic. The wall can be decorated with a pattern like dramatic damask underneath the dado rails for another intriguing dado rails project. You can then paint it to match the decal’s colour after it’s been applied. Incorporating this sort of wallpaper into a room adds a unique aspect that is rarely seen.


Choosing the perfect wall decal can be difficult when there are so many possibilities available. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll not only be able to make the appropriate decision but also come up with the best application. When it comes to custom sticker printing Singapore, Zenith Films is your best bet. Users can connect with tens of thousands of freelance graphic designers worldwide through the site.

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