Unable to Set up TP Link Range Extender? Here’s the Fix!

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TP Link is in high demand among people looking to enjoy lag-free internet. Both routers and extenders offered by the company are grabbing appreciation for providing great internet performance. Although the Company offers a manual with its devices to help users understand the various processes, still some users (especially non-techies) are finding it difficult to make the devices up and running. In the latest few days, many TP-Link extender users approached us to know why they are unable to do TP-Link extender setup. Recognizing the rise in TP Link setup issues among many TP-link users around the world, we have come up with this post. Here we are going to list various TP link troubleshooting tips to help TP Link extender users configure their devices in a hassle-free manner. Let’s start!

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix TP Link Extender Setup Issues

There could be various reasons why you are not able to get success with the configuration process of your TP Link WiFi range extender. Well, having a nudge on the tips given below, you will be able to get the issue fixed in a jiffy.

  1. Start with checking the connectivity between your devices. Loose connections or wrong installation of cable can result in setup issues. You need to also ensure that all your devices are receiving proper power supply from their respective wall outlets. In case the power socket you have used to connect the extender is damaged, consider connecting the extender to a different socket.
  2. Placement of the device also plays a vital role in getting success with the TP-Link extender setup process. While configuration, you need to place your extender within the range of your router. Also, keep it away from things causing WiFi interference such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, baby monitors, aluminum studs, metal appliances, etc.
  3. Make sure you are using an updated web browser to access the default web address of your TP Link range extender. FYI, if an outdated web browser is being used for accessing tplinkrepeater.net, it will take you to an error message instead of the login page. Thus, either update your current web browser or switch to the one that is already updated. Besides, it is necessary to delete cache and cookies from the browser to avoid getting any further browser-related issues while doing TP Link extender setup.
  4. Typing errors in the web address could also be a reason why you can’t configure your device. Hence, check the web address after entering it into its designated location. It has also been found that users, at times, enter the web address into the search bar instead of the address bar. If you are also doing the same then you know where you have mistaken.
  5. Check login details. Yes, you read it right! Are you sure the login credentials used by you for doing extender setup are correct? If not, then check the manual for getting details. While inputting the details, however, keep in mind that the default login credentials of TP link extenders are case-sensitive. So, turn the Caps Lock key off while entering the login details to their respective fields.

If still you can’t set up your TP Link extender then chances are you not following the right steps to execute the process. For getting this fixed, you need to reset your extender to the default settings and then configure it again. If you don’t know how to configure a TP-Link extender, then the next section is all you need to check.

Here’s How to Set Up TP Link Extender

  • Once you are done with placing your extender as per the instructions given above, connect it to your home router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, power up the device by plugging it into a wall socket.
  • Let the LEDs on your extender lit and become stable.
  • Once done, open a web browser on your device and type the default web address of your TP link extender into the address field.
  • Hit Enter and you will be taken to the login page of your device.
  • Input the default login details into the given fields and click Login.
  • There you are! Completion of this step will take you to the dashboard of your extender.
  • Now, select the router’s network you want to expand.
  • Certain on-screen instructions will reveal on your device’s screen.

Follow all the instructions the same as given and complete the setup process of your TP link extender.

It is expected that you will now get success with the process of making your TP link extender up and running. We hope you leave a thank-you note in the comments section if we helped you in making your device operational.

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