Fascinating Facts about Programming you might not know

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Programming is the process of connecting with a machine in order to get it to do specific tasks. Computer programming is the process of interacting with machines in such a way that they perform as we require.

Did you know Programming is not limited to what we all know? It’s very vast and versatile. With the advancement of technology, programming has become essential. Those who are programming students can comprehend how significant programming is. That is why they become bound to search online ‘who can do my assignment on programming?’

 In order to enhance your understanding of programming some fascinating facts about it. Give a quick read and find out how many of them you know.

●    Studies revealed around 70% jobs of in coding do not have any relation to technology

  • This might sound very unusual to some. But, it is true that coding is entirely different from technology. You can also learn programming without taking technological assistance.

●    There are around 700 different programming languages.

  • Javascript, PHP, Ruby, C#Python, Scala, Swift, Rust, Go etc. are among the most popular languages on this list, with millions of users using them in their professional and personal projects. New programming languages, on the other hand, are continually developing.

●    Perl, Delphi, and VBA are the most loathed programming languages, according to various online studies.

  • PHP, Objective-C, Coffeescript, and Ruby are all hot on their heels. Interestingly, despite how the community sees them as a whole, two of the entries on this list, PHP and Ruby, remain quite popular with users.

●    The word computer ‘Bug’ was inspired by an insect.

  • Grace Hopper has coined the term. It was inspired by a dead moth that they found in Relay 70 of Harvard’s Mark II computer.

●    Ada Lovelace, a woman, was the first person in the world to be called a coder.

  • Ada was born in 1815, and some claim she was the first person to publish an algorithm that could be executed by a computer. “As time will demonstrate, that brain of mine is something more than merely mortal,” Ada wrote.

●    In 1982, a 15-year-old built the first computer virus.

  • It was created to wreak havoc on Apple II computers and described as “some silly little practical joke” by the author. It was a prank that went down in history.

●    Coding has a lot of cognitive advantages.

  • Learning to code can help you improve your analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, creative thinking, computational thinking, and leadership abilities.

●    Alan Turing also devised the “Turing Test,” of which CAPTCHA is a well-known example.

  • Turing’s computing contribution was also the distorted numbers or words on online forms that aid in differentiating people from computers.

Is programming essential?

The twenty-first century is marked by rapid technological advancements. Everywhere we see, everything we do is influencing by technology. All of these things use technology, from the alarm clock on our phones that wakes us up in the morning to the coffee maker that prepares us coffee at the touch of a button to the cellphones and internet that make our lives easier.

Most of everything we see on the internet—every word, picture, chart, layout, and so on—has been programmed to appear that way to us. So, what are the benefits of learning to programme? Some of the causes are down below.

●    Job assurance

  • We’re living in the modern age, and progress isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Programmers will always be in great demand as the use of electronic devices grows year after year. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, computer programming jobs will be largely available outside the United States within the next decade. This is owing to the fact that businesses are considering hiring workers from all over the world in exchange for reduced wages.

●    Be your own boss

  • Computer programming, more than any other vocation, allows you to digitise your thoughts. This idea may be an app you want to make and feel would go popular once it gets release. Creating an app, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking that necessitates time, effort, and money.

●    Huge earning

  • Money can be a motivator in almost any employment, and programming is no exception. The majority of programming-related employment pays more than the national average. While a programmer’s compensation varies by state and type of job, a computer programmer’s median salary is $84,280, while a software developer’s typical salary is $103,620.

●    Start your own business

  • Many programmers eventually choose to work for themselves. Knowing how to code allows you to consider starting your own firm. This might include running an online store, starting your own website design company, developing mobile apps, providing online coding courses and tutoring, and many other options. The possibilities are limitless. What’s even great is that there’s a lot of demand for these kinds of enterprises.

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  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Monash University
  • University of Queensland Australia

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