Amazing Things to Do in Alleppey for a Fun-Filled Trip

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Alleppey is popular for its natural beauty and is located on the Laccadive Sea in the south Indian state of Kerala. It has everything you need to relax your mind and body during a trip, be it backwaters or lush greenery. This beautiful town can offer you views that you will behold and cherish forever. Here are some things to do in Alleppey to make your trip memorable.

Watch Sunset at the Pozhiyoram Beach

You can spend a relaxing day at the beautiful Pozhiyoram Beach and watch the sunset. It’s a small beach and so you can also see the waves gushing strongly towards the shore. You can also capture the sunset in your camera as the red sun melts into the sea and the Chinese fishnets frame the best silhouettes you will ever see.

Relish on the Authentic Food

The town of Alleppey is gifted with rich flora and fauna. It also has a wide variety of seafood available. You can enjoy prawns, shrimps, etc. cooked in the traditional way for a taste of the mouth-watering South Indian cuisine. If you get a chance, you can also go fishing and catch a fish or two for your dinner. Apart from seafood, you will also find dishes made from chicken, mutton, or various vegetables. Chettinad Chicken and banana chips are a must-try when in Alleppey.

Experience Backwaters on a Houseboat

Opt for a houseboat and get an amazing experience touring the backwaters. Spend some quality time with your loved ones amidst the beauty of nature. You can enjoy the stunning views as you eat your meals together. According to many tourists, you will miss out on experiencing the true essence of Kerala if you don’t visit the backwaters of Alleppey.

Watch the Elephant Parade

Are you planning to visit Alleppey in January? If yes, then you are in for a treat. You can explore the royal side of Alleppey and witness the popular AdoorGajamela. It’s a 10-day festival in which hundreds of elephants wearing ornaments participate. Each elephant is accompanied by a rider who holds an umbrella in hand. Known as one of the best things to do in Alleppey, it attracts a huge crowd from all over the country.

Go for Camping in the Wilderness

No matter if you are traveling alone, with your friends or family, you should not miss out on exploring the magical side of Alleppey while camping. Listen to songs, cook and eat food, mingle with locals, and watch the stars under the clear sky. You will enjoy each moment spent camping as this is one of the most peaceful things to do in Alleppey.

Visit Revi Karunakaran Museum

You can also visit the popular Revi Karunakaran Museum and watch the stunning crystal artifacts on display. These items were collected by the family of Revi Karunakaran and will definitely leave you amazed. He was the architect of the modernized coir industry in Kerala. To honor him after his death in 2003, his wife Betty Karan built this museum. The ancient art pieces showcased here are the main attraction here. The Swarovski crystal collection is one of the visitors’ most favorite things. You can also find antique furniture, Tanjore paintings, and various other traditional things on display here. In total, 3000 items are showcased inside this museum. So, get ready to spend a day amidst art in Alleppey.

Plan a Picnic at Marari Beach

Picnics offer a different way to enjoy and spend time with your loved ones. It’s a great way to rejuvenate yourself and explore places in a new city. You can also mingle with the locals and get an idea of how they spend their time in leisure. Visit a park or maybe a beach, have food, take photographs and enjoy your time in a new place. With golden sands and clean surroundings, Marari Beach is a perfect spot for your picnic plans. You can enjoy the local delicacies found here and enjoy watching the sand change its color as the sky turns into different hues during sunset.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Most people love shopping when visiting a new city. You can explore shops filled with traditional jewelry, dresses, spices etc. You can also collect a few local artifacts or fridge magnets to keep as memorabilia of your amazing trip or buying souvenirs for your loved ones is a great idea as well.

Have you been to the beautiful city of Alleppey? If yes, comment below and let us know more about your incredible trip.

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