Advanced Traffic Management And Controlling With LPR System In Place

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Modern traffic controls are no longer about managing a few cars and public transport on the roads and regulating their movements. There are hundreds of cars all plying between different routes and directions along with several other vehicles too. 

There is a wide scope of operations that traffic control systems look into nowadays. 

  • Traffic controls and route regulations
  • Drunken and rash driving
  • Parking tickets allocations
  • Control and management of parking payments
  • Detecting car thieves 
  • Automobile breakdowns on highways, freeways or even busy streets
  • Accidents and vehicle crashes

These are some of the main areas of operations where traffic control personnel have to rush in immediately when needed. 

Quite understandably there is a need for a more mechanized and digital system in place to detect any wrongful movements of cars and vehicles. 

Controlling The License Plate 

A license plate is like an identity card for a vehicle. Everything is available in the form of relevant data about the vehicle, its make and model along with details about the owners who have owned the car or vehicle at different points of time. 

So, when a license plate information is available with the traffic control they also have all relevant details about car movements and action history on the roads. 

Need For License Plate Control 

In recent years there is an active implementation of security cameras for surveillance and monitoring busy streets to lonely roads. Cars and automobiles are often engaged in a variety of illegal and clandestine activities that need to be tracked and detected on time. 

The License Plate recognition system is an effective means to do that and much more. with this system surveillance cameras can effectively capture the image of the license plate of a vehicle with clarity and precision. the data is then transformed into a digital format to be updated in databases. 

How It Works 

Let us closely understand how this system works and only then will there be a better understanding about the need for such a system. 

  • License plate recognition is a feature of a software tool that can capture both images and video images of a car’s license plate and store the information as part of a database for future reference
  • These are crucial in their use when it comes to a high security or a sensitive area and protected zone; military bases, consulates and high commission buildings, high level political and administrative zones fall in these categories of places that need strict security vigil and constant monitoring
  • Parking lots and busy streets where cars and other vehicles may be captured trying to steal and hijack cars; there are instances of parking fees non-payments and even breaking traffic norms and regulations that are later booked by law
  • Suspicious criminal and terrorist activities at different zones captured both via images and videos can be very helpful. 
  • Security monitoring for children’s schools and gated residential communities for enhanced security coverage

Conditions Needed 

To ensure that the LPR or the License plate recognition systems works to your advantage there are a few conditions for its use. 

  • Camera setups and angles should be done properly to ensure that there is adequate exposure for the license plates to be captured by the cameras
  • Adequate lighting arrangements should be available for better quality images and enhanced videos even though cameras are capable of picking up low light images 
  • The altitude and positioning of the cameras is also important in establishing a distance and gap between the camera and the car so that better picture quality is guaranteed.
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This is the age of artificial intelligence and software tools for better living.  More and more companies are delivering unique software tools that is capable of delivering a high level of security standards for different kinds of locations and placements. 

  • Maintenance of law and order with better traffic and vehicle movement control is possible.
  • The License plate recognition system can bring availability of data for the police force and sleuths when they are investigating various types of criminal activities and movements in cities.
  • Safety and security are greatly enhanced by the LPR systems for all kinds of public places and governmental buildings.
  • Rash driving and drunken driving in different parts of modern cities is very common along with criminal activities like smuggling, kidnapping and drugs peddling. If such cars and their movements are all recorded for any reference at given time it would help in improving law and order within regions. 


There are many companies available in the sphere of manufacturing software systems for license plate recognition system. These are affordable ranges of highly advanced software tools that can be placed for optimal use and functions of surveillance cameras.

Companies make these software tools available for all kinds of governmental and non-governmental usage and even customize as per specific client requirements. 

In short this is a technology that is an intrinsic part of modern-day life where security threats often loom at large.


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