3 Major Differences Between An Architect And Interior Designer

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Sometimes, we have a dilemma in our life. And we find it hard to conclude whom we should call – an architect or an interior designer – when we move to build a home. Many of you consult both, as you have no idea about the differences in these two different professionals. You should be able to distinguish an architect from an interior designer before you move to consult an architect and interior designer in Noida or your local city. Keep reading the post to differentiate both. 

What does an architect mean?/Who is an architect?

An architect is a professional who maintains an elegant balance between the plan and execution of the construction of a building while filling the empty spaces. Such a person builds interesting, colorful, news, and creative spaces that brighten up the empty spaces by removing the odds and boredom. 

The expert is skilled in designing the structure for a building/home, reviewing the made structural design, and supervising the construction of buildings based on prepared designs. He/she is responsible for the details that relate to the exterior of buildings. The work responsibilities include the placement of kitchen, rooms, garden, dining hall, and suitable space management.   

What do you mean by an interior designer? Who is an interior designer?

An interior designer is the person who looks after the interior part of a building after its construction. His/her work responsibilities are to furnish and accessorise the empty spaces in a home/building. As per the name suggestion, an interior designer has to beautify the interiors of a home/workplace with a purpose it is made for.  

For example, you can think of a home that has been constructed. For a newly built home, an interior designer decides what sofas should be in the drawing room and what curtains will go with them. The designer determines what colour scheme will be better, the placement of different furniture pieces, and a need for woodwork. Further, the expert can decide the placement of paintings, accessories (clocks, hangings, and vases), and allied art pieces to adorn a home.   

Now, it is clear that an architect and an interior designer are two different professionals with different work responsibilities. One is closely associated with the design, plan, review, and construction of a residential or commercial building. On the other hand, an interior designer makes empty space within a structure look attractive and suitable for what it is made for – taking a rest or running a business.  

Differences between an architect and interior designer  

These two professionals differ from each other on the basis of what training they have, what they need to focus on, and what they design. Have a close look at the three major differences:

  • What training they have – An architect has training on how to design and create a structure for a residential or commercial building in accordance with local, state, and national codes. On the other hand, an interior designer learns how to make a home/workplace space functional and look stylish. 
  • What they focus on – Architects focus on technical details/requirements such as structure, climate, construction materials, ventilation, lighting, flooring, etc. On the other hand, interior designers focus on emotional and psychological aspects of a newly constructed building or the one meant for renovation or restructure. 
  • What they design/do – Architects plan, design, review, and supervise the construction of a residential or commercial building. On the other hand, interior designers work on the designing and decorating the interiors of a constructed building. The designing work includes fixtures, furniture pieces, and accessories. 


Architects and interior designers are two distinguished professionals. They differ from each other on the basis of what training they receive, what they need to focus on, and what their work responsibilities are. They can work together for the completion of a residential or commercial complex or they work on different projects separately. Architects will plan, design, and execute the home construction while interior designers will beautify your home. Knowing the differences will help you call a respective professional for a respective work and remove all your confusions from you.  


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