Conquering the Fine Red Sands Through the Dubai Desert Safari

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The Dubai Desert Safari is a perfect way to conquer the red dunes of the grand Arabian Desert. Nestled behind the glitzy and glamorous nature of modern Dubai is the Desert Safari in Dubai, which unveils the grand desertscape and a sneak peek into the lifestyle and culture of the Bedouins.

The Dubai Desert Safari brings in the best possible way to experience the essence of traditional Dubai. You are in for unlimited fun, adventure, and entertainment throughout your journey. There are several reasons why the Dubai Desert Safari should be on your bucket list.

Types of Desert Safaris

The Desert Safaris come in three variations – Morning, Evening, and Overnight Safari. We recommend an overnight safari to spend a night under the star-decorated sky. The eventful night in a desert camp promises to end your day with the most vibrant and exotic nightlife in the Dubai Emirate. The indulgences in each safari differ, and some are unique to one of the variations.

Dubai’s Desert serene landscape

The incredible beauty of the desertscape is itself one of the key reasons you should book your Dubai Desert Safari. The serene landscape brings a sense of relaxation, calmness, and tranquillity – something unique in nature compared to our hectic city life. With serene landscapes comes the opportunity to click and capture these moments as they form unforgettable moments in your entire journey.

You also witness the unique desert wildlife passing through the Dubai Wildlife Conservation Area. Explore rare wildlife creatures like the African dog, oryx, meerkats, owls, falcons, and much more who have set the Desert as their home. The Dubai Desert Safari is a unique way to explore the amazing diversity in the region. You will be lost for choices with this gorgeous landscape and the endless moments throughout your expedition to the grand Arabian Desert.

Exploration into the Emirati lifestyle and culture

The Dubai Desert Safari is a great way to explore the cultural heritage and the lifestyle of the Emirati population. Go back to the ages when the Arab world was before the tourism era took prominence. Every element created at every milestone of your desert expedition journey is carefully planned to give deeper insights into the Bedouin lifestyle and culture.

Be it the ambience at the desert camp, the creative indulgences of falconry, applying henna tattoo, the entertainment of the dance performances, or the culinary delight of barbecue treats at a desert campsite. Understand the Emirati population’s challenges in their daily lives and how they have been living up to these nuisances. The Dubai Desert Safari is never short of fun and entertainment throughout your journey. It brings the best of what Arabian hospitality is all about.

Fun and entertainment activities

The best part about the Desert Safari is that you can choose to customize the set of activities that you wish to indulge in. You have a wide variety to choose from and some addons for a complete experience. Opt for activities like dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, and sand skiing if you want more on the adventurous side. Opt for activities like applying henna tattoos on your hands & legs, traditional Emirati attire photography, and falconry to explore the creative side.

You have the belly dance and the traditional Tanura dance performances for the entertainment part. Lastly, for the culinary part, you have the scrumptious dinner buffet to fulfil all your gastronomical desires. You can enjoy the best local cuisines with a round of belly dance, Fire Show, and Tanura dance performances or relax by smoking sheesha. The list is endless, go ahead and choose your adventure. The adventurous activities are not recommended for the faint-hearted, senior citizens, pregnant women, small children, and people suffering from back ailments.

Mesmerizing sunrise or sunset views

Sunrise or sunsets are celebrated for the incredible natural beauty they bring to different horizons and environments. The sunrise or sunset in a Dubai Desert Safari is a magical moment that has become a cliché these days. Witnessing the sunrise or sunset views stands among the highlights of the Dubai Desert Safari. It’s not all about amazing photographic views; the orangish golden hue of the dunes and the amazing transformation of sunrise or sunset is a sight to witness.

The sun contains all spectrum colours, and they blend into different colours throughout the day. As the sunrises or sunsets, the spectacular colours impact the lasting impression the sun leaves on these fine sands of Dubai. You must be there to witness the magic; it just can’t be described in words about these gorgeous and serene views. Capturing these moments is best recommended when the sun rises or descends into the raw desert beauty.

Scrumptious Dinner Buffet

For all the culinary lovers, this one is specifically for you. For many people, good food is an absolute necessity for enhancing their overall experience, and the delightful barbecue dinner buffet is just the perfect solution to your gastronomical desires. The best part is that this dinner buffet features the best of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options considering this activity caters to a global audience. The buffet spread includes appetizers such as Baba Ganoush, Falafel, Mutabbal, Fattoush, Chicken Shawarma, Tabbouleh, and spring rolls.

In addition, you have delicacies such as lentil soup, macaroni, pasta, noodles, steam, rice, baked potatoes, curries, chicken sausages, and fried rice for the main course. The grill spread includes lamb kebab, chicken tikka, shish taouk, grilled fish, chicken drumstick, and seek kebabs. Enjoy these with a round of fresh bread like Lebanese bread, Indian Rotis, and Arabic Bread. Finally, don’t forget to taste the delightful menu like cut fruits, a wide variety of muffins, puddings, local sweets, and cakes. Unlimited beverages, tea, and coffee are available throughout your stay at the desert campsite to help your digestive juices to kick in after a scrumptious meal.

The Dubai Desert Safari allows you to leave an impression on the Arabian desert. So don’t miss this chance. Book your Dubai Desert Safari today.

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