Know All About the Trainwreck Strain You Must Try

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The Tropical Trainwreck strain gets cultivated in Northern California. The potent and strong Sativa accents it has makes it a favorite terpene for many users around America and the rest of the world.

Where Does this Strain Come From?

The antecedents of this terpene strain are not totally clear. Some say that it was brought over to America from somewhere else as an attempt to grow something similar to the Thai Stick. Later, it was crossed with strains of Afghani stock and a Mexican one to create the one we know as Trainwreck today.

It was in California, specifically in Humboldt County, where the strain received the TLC it needed to become the best version of itself. A favorite point of discussion among this strain user community is how there was once a train wreck that happened near the fields where this was being grown. It was how it got its name!

What Does the Trainwreck Strain Taste Like?

You can smell the citrusy and sweet notes. Both lemon and lime flavors come off strong. The peppery and spicy scent that you get as soon as you open the package is mesmerizing.

What are the Effects of Trainwreck?

If you have never tried this strain but want to, knowing the after-effects is a point of consideration. It is meant for those who want a hard high. It comes about 5 minutes after using it. It is best chosen by experienced vape enthusiasts. If you are new to terpenes, then tread lightly and start slow and small. It will help you enjoy the experience without feeling like you have been hit. Use this terpene in the evening for its effects to be fully felt.

Users of this organic terpene also talk about the creativity it brings. Hunger is another common effect of it and so keeping food available before you start using this strain is a good idea. You may also feel giggly and in the mood for conversation with friends. It is a social terpene to use. All in all, a fun one to try and experience.

When you are looking at terpenes to buy, Trainwreck can be a great choice. Always buy your terpenes from a reputed brand for adequate safety and quality. Go for plant-based non-GMO products. Enjoy at home or outdoors with other vape enthusiasts for a fun-filled time and enjoyable high.


Is trainwreck a strong strain?

Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a spicy pepper flavor. Like many Sativa hybrids, Trainwreck produces a mighty cerebral high with mood-enhancing and euphoric effects.

How does Trainwreck make you feel?

While the effects of the Trainwreck strain are primarily cerebral, the experience culminates in full-body relaxation and, eventually, gradual slumber. Its high THC content is ideal for treating migraines, muscle spasms, and discomfort, while its profound cerebral high provides a powerful mood lift and stress reduction.

What does trainwreck strain smell like?

Trainwreck features a rich lemon-menthol-pine fragrance and flavor, as well as an intriguing sweetness and acidic side. Though the scent is intense, when well-grown, the flavor steals the show, lingering in the mouth and sinuses for an eternity.

What is trainwreck strain good for?

The Trainwreck strain is popular among medical patients because it has a pleasant, uplifting, and leveling effect on various mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The strain is also beneficial for pain-alleviation, chronic headaches, and muscle spasms.

Is Purple Trainwreck good?

Purple Trainwreck is a well-balanced hybrid that gives its users the best of both worlds. This variety may be as aromatic and delicious as it is beautifully attractive! The flowering period lasts 9-11 weeks. It can be cultivated both indoors and outside.

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