How Can I Repair PST Files Without Any Damage

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How Can I Repair PST Files Without Any Damage? This query comes in loud and clear condition…

User don’t want to settle with compromised after-effects of ScanPST.exe miscalculation.

So, in this situation we need to see through the unseen scenarios. We will unfold the hidden layers of PST file repair methods.

First, put some light on ScanPST.exe i.e.Inbuilt Repair Tool

It’s all about ScanPST.exe

ScanPST.exe (Inbuilt Repair Tool) is provided by Microsoft Outlook. It scans and repairs corruption whenever Outlook encounters any error or obstruction while opening an Outlook application or PST file. It performs the following actions:

  • Repairs header and low-level corruption
  • Scans and the repairs reference count
  • Removes unreadable/ manipulated/ corrupted block
  • Validates recovered messages and folders logically
  • Modify PST files to synchronize valid recipient content to recipients’ properties

Steps for ScanPST.exe PST Repair

Search or manually locate ScanPST.exe in the C drive (default drive) of the system.

  1. Close the Outlook application. Search and locate ScanPST.exe (Inbuilt Repair Tool) in the Program Files.
  2. Check the option to Show hidden files, folders and drives. This option must be enabled to locate and search the Scanpst.exe in the Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View > {Enable} Show hidden files and folders.

Hidden files

Open these source paths to locate the ScanPST.exe application file.

Program Files(x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16

Program FilesMicrosoft OfficerootOffice16

Program Files(x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16

Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16

Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootoffice15

Program Files(x86)Microsoft Office 15rootoffice15

Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15

Program Files(x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15

:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14

:Program FilesMicrosoft Office(x86)Office14

:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12

:Program Files(x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12

:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMapi1033| Other typical location

:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033

:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMapi1033NT

:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMapi103395

Shape scanpst scanpst

Step 2. Browse and Locate the PST file in Outlook.

In case the user doesn’t know the location of the PST file, simply type *.pst and search OR use the Find Now option.

additionally, in Open Outlook and follow the File>Account Settings>Info section. Again Select Account Settings>Data Files in the prompt

Repair the .pst file

Alternatively, you can choose this path.

PROFILENAMELocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook

File Browser

Step 3. Repair the Recover the Corrupted PST Files

In the scanning report, if any errors/corruption has been detected, you can opt to repair of PST file.

Note Always make a backup of Outlook PST data before repairing it using the ScanPST.exe tool. Because after the repair it causes many unwanted changes like deletion of unreadable blocks and files also it changes the metadata of PST emails.


Based on the seriousness and size of the PST file, ScanPST.exe will ask for the repetition of the scanning and repair process.

Perform this process until every single issue is resolved in the PST data.

Note – There is a Recovered Personal Folder / Lost and Found folder. It contains all the recovered items and folders using the ScanPST.exe tool.

Problem – You won’t get these folders and hierarchy structure/ original structure. If items are not recovered through ScanPST.exe, according to Outlook that folder is beyond repair and recovery.

Solution – But using PST recovery Solution you can recover and save the healthy resultant PST files, additionally users can directly export it to your Office 365.

Benefits of ScanPST.exe

Free PST repair tool to eliminate low-level corruption issues

(Note – Many online manipulative and data stealing sites offer free online corrupt PST file repair. Beware and avoid using them unless you are comfortable sharing your data)

  • Provide scanning report along with the detected and fixed errors
  • It comes in handy as it is an inbuilt solution within the Outlook application.
  • No additional effort is required to perform scanning and repair because of its direct approach.
  • The client has reported that she is facing a recurrence of PST errors.

User Concern – “I have been using Outlook 2003 which is connected to the Exchange Server. I have associated many external POP accounts. These accounts hold several sets of PST files and personal folders.

This specific .pst file is getting corrupted whenever I try to access the file.

Run ScanPST.exe has scanned the errors and repaired them. But whenever I try to access it again the PST prompts the repair registry. What is the cause? How can it be resolved??”

Where Does ScanPST.exe fail?

  • Unable to repair highly corrupted PST files.
  • Incapable of major virus and PST damage issues.
  • Changes in metadata of files regardless of user permission.
  • Deletes unreadable items that are absent in the index table that cause deletion of values, sometimes the entire file.
  • Recovered folders are usually empty.
  • No recovery for permanently deleted files.
  • At a loss for maintaining the hierarchy structure.
  • Re-run ScanPST.exe more than once if unable to resolve the issue the first time.
  • Low success in recovering large PST files.
  • Don’t provide the option to recover the deleted PST files.

Clearly, Scanpst.exe is not an Idol solution when a user seeks to specifically Repair PST Files Without Any Damage as its repair causes unwanted changes and deletion of data. It got stuck while working on the large PST repair and recovery.

How to Avoid PST Files Corruption Issues?

  1. Back up PST files from Outlook regularly.
  2. Avoid creating large-sized PST files as the application collapses during the process and is difficult to repair.
  3. Create file batches so while repairing and recovering the possible loss can be minimized.
  4. When a user acknowledges that the files are severely corrupted, they can be rescued. The task should be handled using the Expert Professional PST recovery tool.

Considering Thoughts

PST files are too vulnerable to corruption. Moreover, irreversible damage occurs while recovering the traditional method.

The Inbuilt Repair Tool eliminates the PST file if it is not capable enough to repair it. Hence, user wants to know how can I repair PST files without any damage.

If a user wants to avoid the after-effects of ScanPST.exe then they should go for Authentic Standard PST file recovery software.

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