Ways to Make Your Academic Research Report Findings Authentic

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So, you have written your academic research report? Great, nice to hear this from your mouth. Do you know what the next step you need to follow is? The next step is making your research findings authentic so they can enjoy a good readership. Now, many students do not have an idea about how to make academic research report findings authentic. Due to this, their reports fail badly and fail to enjoy a good readership. Keeping this in mind, today’s article is all about guiding students like you about the ways to make the research findings authentic and reliable. However, before moving on toward those ways, let’s discuss why is it important to make the findings authentic?

Why is making research findings authentic important?

The authenticity of research findings means that findings are genuine and credible. It also means that they contribute a lot to the research area. The success of an academic research report depends mostly on its authenticity. The more authentic and useful findings are, the more readership it will enjoy. So, these are some of the points that highlight the importance of making research findings authentic.

Ways to make research report findings authentic

By reading the information above, you know the meaning of the authenticity of research findings and their importance in the research. Now, the question is how one can make those findings more authentic and credible. In literature, 4 ways are mostly used to make research authentic. Hence, a brief description of those 4 ways is as follows:

1.     Ensure the “Novelty” in the research

The first and the most important way to make research credible is by ensuring the novelty of the findings. What is novelty? How is it related to the authenticity of the academic research report findings? I know such kinds of questions are coming to your mind. The answer to these questions lies in the definition of novelty in research. Hence, according to the definition of novelty, research is truly authentic if it has not been researched before. It addresses a question that has not been asked before. It is a research study that bridges the gap between the previous studies on an issue or subject area. Hence, this is a novelty in research.

Why maintaining novelty in research has become difficult?

Note that novelty is a very important aspect of the research. It is also true that maintaining novelty in research has become very difficult in the past two decades. The major reason behind this difficulty is the technological advancement that the world has seen in the past two decades. Due to improved technology and efficient search engines, there is almost no single topic on which you cannot find credible data or literature. Consequently, it is becoming difficult to maintain the difficulty.

So, in this scenario, try to hit the gaps in the present literature to make the academic research report findings authentic. This is how to maintain the novelty in research; your research will also enjoy a good readership. You can also hire dissertation proposal writing services in this regard.

2.     Maintain the “Credibility” of your findings

The second way of making research authentic is by maintaining the credibility of your research findings. Credibility means that your research results must be accurate and should be representative of the population or sample studied. Credibility is also the confidence that the readers put in your research findings. By maintaining the credibility of your research findings, you establish that your findings present plausible information and they contribute a lot to the existing knowledge. The credibility also tells that your research findings correctly interpret the research variables.

To maintain credibility and make your research findings authentic, do not forget to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my research findings representative of the sample size or population used in the research?
  • Do my research findings accurately answer all the research questions?
  • Does my research measure what it claims to measure?

3.     Look for the “Validity” of your research findings

Validity is crucial to making your academic research report findings authentic. Validity measure how true your findings are outside the research participants. It means checking whether your research results are true among similar individuals outside the research or not. This type of validity applies to all types of research, whether clinical, sociological, or psychological. Validity also means that the design, method, and conclusion address the research questions properly.

Another thing you need to look for in your research findings to make them authentic is no bias. All your research findings must be free from any bias. If you bias your research study, the findings will not apply to the participants outside the study. This makes the research look unauthentic and unreal. Hence, always look for the validity of your findings. If you do this, your research will automatically become authentic.

4.     Check for the “Reproducibility” of findings

Not a single research study is complete that answers all the research questions and achieves all the research aims. There is always room for improvement or future research study in every research. Original research is the one which addresses this side of the study. You should provide sufficient experimental knowledge for a future researcher to replicate the study in a different setting and environment.

Another meaning of reproducibility among the researchers is that research should allow other researchers to repeat the same analysis. Simply put, it means duplicating research using the same material and methods. Hence, to make your academic research report findings, ensure sufficient experimental details. Those detail should enable other researchers to reproduce your research.


Conclusively, authenticity in an academic research report is necessary to make it a successful one. To make the research findings credible, you need to check for the validity of your findings and their reproducibility. Maintaining the credibility and novelty of the research is also important. Hence, study this guide and know how to make your findings credible and authentic.

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