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Police dogs work on average for 6-8 years and they can hang up their K-9 badges around the age of 9 or 10.

The retired police dogs are not available for public adoption as in many cases they are adopted by their handlers in the police themselves or other service members. 

The dog that has always been there to protect your city, adopting them is the best way to give back. 

Military dogs are no doubt extremely trained in all aspects of their work field. Their super-powered nose aid in a wide range of duties for law enforcement including finding missing people drug detection, etc. You can buy trained dogs for police in Los Angeles. 


The main reason for the retirement of police dogs is their age. Police dogs are very intuitive and work dedicatedly throughout their work period. 

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Police dogs are especially given proper training for all their work. Their stressful job leads to unintended consequences such as anxiety and depression. Retire dogs may exhibit negative behaviors like aggression, and post-traumatic stress that requires additional training. 

Retired dogs must be adopted after their stressful job for years. They are usually adopted by their handlers. But if their handlers are not available then they are put for public adoption. 


Police dogs share intensely strong bonds with their handlers in the line of duty. Therefore, they are always the first choice for adopters after their service. 

Civilian adoption of retired dogs takes place only if the dog’s handler passes away or cannot care for him or her for any reason. Dogs that have failed police dog training and never actually performed any service become adoptable. But in this case, also dogs are first adopted by other law enforcement officers. 

There is an organization pinnacle that serves dogs who served us. It also arranges for civilian adoptions. 

You can also do the things like calling local police stations and K9 officer training facilities and inquire directly about adopting retired dogs.  If a police department or training organization does have a dog or is expected to have a retired dog soon. Then they will add you to the adoption procedure. But this adoption method is very time-consuming as you do not know when the dog will be available for you. 

There are some steps that you must follow to adopt retired police dogs:-

  1. Improve your trainer skills if you want to adopt retired police dogs. As caring for police dogs is not easy because of their different nature and behavior from other dogs. You can talk to former dog handlers or organizations that deal with those dogs. 
  2. You should start your research with organizations and police departments that work with police dogs. You can start with Law enforcement agencies and dog shelters that can provide you with the right information about dogs and adoption. 
  3. You have to be persistent in your efforts as it is not as easy to adopt a dog from a shelter or shop. This adoption goes through a long process and paperwork. You may also have an interview to know if you have the skills to handle such dogs or not. These dogs are different from regular pet dogs. Having police or military training will be a cherry on the cake in this adoption process. 


The process of adopting a retired dog is not easy. There is no guarantee that the dog will be available for you or you will be successful in adoption. Adopting a dog who has done hard work all his life and served the country is truly a great way to give them a happy and peaceful life in their final years. 

The life of police dogs is as same as that of their handlers. They have to face high-stress situations, life-threatening dangers, and many more. All military dogs have the right to live their last years joyfully with a good family that love them and respect them. 

Every dog is fiercely loyal whether it is a pet or service dog in any field. They all need care, love, and respect like everyone. Retired service dogs serve the country all life and deserve a better and more lovable life after their years of faithful service. There is no better way than adopting in return.

Adopting trained dogs whether, for military or police service, personal protection, family protection, or any other requirement, all dogs should be of great quality and well-trained in their services. Buy trained dogs for military services in Los Angeles from Pinnacle Protection dogs.  

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