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Before the construction of any building or flat is started, a basic house plan is designed. It is also designed if you wish to relocate furnishings or revamp the look of your home. A house plan is important because it shows the space that is available and the space that will be in use. With a house plan, you can get a brief idea of how your house layout is going to be in the future. The positioning of walls, pillars, windows, doorways, electrical and plumbing nooks, patios, garden, pool, and placement of furniture can be somewhat easily understood with a house plan, allowing you to save up on time and effort. 

If you are planning on building a 3 BHK home for yourself, or for a client, then start working on a house plan immediately. Although you can make a traditional 2D 3 BHK house plan, it is recommended that you rather work on a 3D 3 BHK or a 3D live 3 BHK house plan. Working in a 3D mode is much easier as you get a direct and first-person point of view of what your house is going to look like. 

What does 3 BHK mean? 

3 BHK simply means that the house has three bedrooms, a living room/ hall/ drawing room, and a kitchen. Any number that you put before the word BHK indicates the number of bedrooms in the house with a single living room and kitchen. The number of bathrooms is not included because it could depend on the person’s choice and design chosen. 

What should a 3 BHK house plan include? 

To understand whether you have a complete 3 BHK house plan, then tick off all of the below mentioned details. 

Foundation plan- A foundation plan signifies the building’s overall architecture and its aim. Through this, you will be able to view the width and number of various walls and masonry pillars. A foundation plan is created after careful determination of the depth and width of the building’s foundation. 

Floor plan- The interior of a house is illustrated in a floor plan, and you view it via an overhead point of view. A floor plan will point out the doorways, windows, stairs, wall structures, room allotment, furniture placements, and other significant structural elements. One can easily estimate the size and location of different rooms with the help of a good floor plan. 

Roof design- A good 3 BHK house plan will always include the roof’s structural design. The roofing type, length and incline of slopes, chimneys, and other decorative features are included in a roof design. 

External elevation- A 2D illustration of any house’s sides is the elevation of the house. This part will include the different materials used for building the roof, walls, etc.

Electric plan- An electrical plan includes all the lighting and basic electric placements. Lighting fixtures, switches of different rooms, and electric outlets are shown in an electric plan. 

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3 BHK house plan designs 

If you are looking for some amazing and unique 3 BHK house plan design inspirations, then you should scroll down and continue reading. 

3 BHK with basement

A basement in a 3 BHK will be perfect for many reasons. You could either build a mini gaming area downstairs, or maintain your storage units easily. Similarly, this extra space can be used to host parties as well. The dining room is also in close vicinity to the kitchen which makes it ideal. The bedrooms also are spaced out well in three different corners. The two green spaces can be used for following gardening tricks, or you can host mini parties here as well. 

3 BHK with a large balcony

A 3 BHK that has a large balcony is indicated to place more focus on the outside décor than the interiors. A large balcony is proposed to enhance the overall aesthetic value of the house. Two bedrooms are compactly placed next to each other, and the third opposite to them, with only one big bathroom for use. The living room and kitchen are also in close proximity to each other. 

3 BHK with three bathrooms

Three bathrooms in a 3 BHK gives privacy to every bedroom owner. Each bathroom is attached directly to the bedroom, and ample space in the living room gives one the chance to be able to rest comfortably. All three bedrooms also open out to an open balcony space. The kitchen is medium-sized, perfect for a 3 BHK. 

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Everyone wants to live in their dream home, but deciding how you want to plan out your future home is never an easy task. You can get in touch with a professional to get the best advice on planning a 3 BHK house plan, or take the help of online house plan-making websites. You can even lookup for more 3 BHK house plan inspirations to see what matches the vision that you have the best. Ensure that whatever choice you make, create a house plan before you lay down a brick.

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