South Actress Name List Who Look Better Without Makeup

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Celebrities always have their fashion game on when they make public appearances. They look glamorous every single time they step out of their home. Modern actresses have different gym look, airport look, red carpet look, and more. But nowadays, it is seen that every south actress likes natural look more than the glamorous one. These actresses stun their fans with their crystal-clear skin. From Samantha to Rashmika, here is a list of South actresses who look lovely in their natural look as well-

  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu-


Samantha is a leading name in the South Indian film industry. her looks completely different behind the screen. She is as attractive without makeup as she is with the makeup on. Her eyes are the highlighting feature of her face.

She has glowing skin and looks cute. If you go through her social media pages, you will find many pictures without makeup where she looks pretty. 

  • Rashmika Mandanna-

Rashmika Mandanna

From the South film industry to Bollywood, Rashmika’s graph has been moving upwards.

She can win people’s hearts with her cute smile. Even without an ounce of makeup, she can look pretty. her looks girl next door without makeup also. She has lustrous skin and puts no makeup on all her live videos. 

  • Tamannah-


She is amongst the top Telugu heroines who look beautiful even without makeup. Tamannah has given several hits during her career span. Her look without makeup is also loved by her fans.

She is simply cute and has a natural beauty about herself. There is not much differentiation between her real-time to reel-life look.

  • Shruti Haasan-

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan is one of the most popular faces down south. She has won hearts with her confidence and beautiful face. She has shiny skin and sharp features, due to which she looks charming even without makeup.

There is no difference in her makeup and no-makeup look. She looks beautiful anyway. 

  • Nayanthara-


This south actress has always embraced natural looks. She looks no different o screen, also. Her long hair, innocent smile, attractive features, and fair skin tone makes her look beautiful with and without makeup. 

  • Kajal Agarwal-

Kajal Agarwal

This actress is also considered a Bollywood actress because she is seen in some Hindi movies too.

The actress has now embraced motherhood and looks appealing even without makeup, and with that baby bump. She has surprised her fans with her no-makeup look. Her fans have also praised her bold looks too. 

  • Sai Pallavi-

Sai Pallavi

This actress did not wear any makeup in her movie Premam. She later embraced this practice as a part of her identity. She is majorly seen without any makeup or with minimal makeup. She even rejected offers where she was asked to promote fairness creams. She is a true example of an actress who looks beautiful without any makeup.

Sai Pallavi has broken the taboo that actresses are always seen wearing makeup and their real skin is different than what appears on-screen. She was appreciated for her bold move.

To Sum It Up

Everybody loves to watch television and movies. Each person has his or her own list of the most-loved celebrities. But have you imagined how these celebrities look without makeup? You will be amazed to see a south actress or even a Bollywood actress without make. Some of them look pretty even in their natural look, while some look ordinary. Actresses are also humans at the end of the day. They also want to look real and natural. They allow their skin to breathe in real life and don’t shy away from sharing their real look with their fans because these actresses know that they look charming in any look.


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