Top 5 Skills For Ruby on Rails Developers

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Ruby on Rails developers are expert programmers who write codes, develop and test software and web applications, and implement them in the Ruby on Rails framework. Companies hire Ruby on Rails developers for rapid prototyping, developing robust backends, providing quick server-side support, creating an interactive user interface, and many more. 

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework and its major benefits include simple and concise code and a vast set of libraries that makes RoR versatile for any kind of web development project. That’s why so many startups prefer RoR and Ruby language for building their web applications. As a developer looking to learn RoR, let’s take a look at the framework and top skills needed to be expert Ruby on Rails developers.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails(RoR, Rails) is an open-source MVC-based full-stack framework that is used for developing web-based software and applications. It is created in the Ruby programming language which is used in the back end. Ruby language was created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto while the framework was developed in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson. 

Ruby is an Object-Oriented Programming language based on the principles of Don’t Repeat Yourself and Convention Over Configuration. Both of them are flexible, scalable, and quick-paced. They have a concise syntax with code reusability. The syntax is based on individual blocks of code, so when Ruby on Rails developers change the instruction line, errors can be avoided. This feature helps in quick testing and implementing changes. Even David Geary, an expert in Java, says that Ruby is 5 to 10 times faster and better than Java itself.

Ruby on Rails developers can work on every functionality related to web application development. Some of the important ones are: 

  • Connects all relevant database systems
  • Implements controllers
  • Can take inquiries from the WWW and answer them.
  • RubyGems which eases coding and provides functionalities in all major domains.
  • Has its own template to prepare the data
  • Has a routing engine to configure queries and response behavior.

Ruby on Rails Developers- Responsibilities They Have

Usually, Ruby on Rails developers find themselves developing back-end functionalities, integrating individual components, working on synchronizing development with the front end, connecting applications with other web-based services, etc.

Some other important responsibilities and task Ruby on Rails developers perform are-

  • Write & Maintain sophisticated and concise Ruby code
  • To write, design, develop, test, and implement web-based features, websites, software, and applications in Ruby.
  • Develop back-end features and components.
  • Integrate back-end with front-end
  • Testing and improving existing programs and applications
  • Creating documentation
  • Offer consultations and suggestions to customers in the areas of Ruby and its framework
  • Creation, and maintenance of APIs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Fixing bugs

Ruby on Rails Developer – Skills Required

To accomplish the aforementioned tasks, Ruby on Rails developers need to be properly skilled. They require a good understanding of both front-end and back-end including server and database management. Understanding of data structures, web development, designing, architecture, algorithms, and application security. Ruby on Rails developers also needs to be analytically skilled, and be able to analyze, think, and reason. Mathematics and problem-solving skills along with a learning attitude are a must-have.

The top 5 skills Ruby on Rails developers must have are- 

  1. Ruby skills 

A substantial monument always stands on great foundations. As Ruby on Rails developers, you will be writing code in the Ruby language so having a strong foundation in the language is essential. All functionalities, features, tools, and frameworks you will be working on, are all written in Ruby as well.

What’s required?

  • Understanding of the syntax, loops, classes, and modules. 
  • As beginners, be able to write conditional statements and declare constructors. Work with callbacks in real-time
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Principles of Ruby
  1. Ruby on Rails Skills

Yes it is obvious you will require Ruby on Rails skills but what specific knowledge do Ruby on Rails developers require in honing the needed skills, let’s talk about them

  • MVC architecture
  • Object Relational Mapping(ORM). Especially components like ActiveRecord and all their elements
  • Build and manage APIs and how data transfers. Including REST API. Should be able to perform POST, GET, PUT and DELETE transactions as well.

Apart from it, knowledge of Ruby Gems is a must. They are collections of important libraries, frameworks, plugins, features, and tools one needs while developing a program. They are essentially a bunch of pre-written codes with specific functionality. They simplify the codes and you do not need to write extra or repeat your codes. They are reusable and offer versatility in any field of web development even including data science and blockchain development. 

The gems can be created independently as well. Ruby has a vast community where everyone shares their individual gems which can be used as per one’s needs. You can get them from the github repository or the RubyGems site.

Some important gems are- 

  • Devise – authentication Tool 
  • CanCan–authorization tool
  • Active Admin — To create admin panels.
  • CommunityEngine– To create social networks.
  • Kaminari — separates records taken from databases.
  1. Front-end Skills

Ruby is mostly a backend language. Rails can still be used in front-end development but still, the knowledge of front-end tools will help Ruby on Rails developers in building a better user interface. 

  • JavaScript– JavaScript is an essential language that needs to be learned no matter who you are. Every top frontend tool be it React, Node, etc, are all JS frameworks. It is an important language for web development. With JS, Ruby on Rails developers can search for DOM, can wrap elements in hidden HTML, can handle any kind of confirmation dialogue, and much more. 
  • HTML: HTML is an important markup language used for creating web pages. Knowledge of its functioning will help you better integrate the server-side functions into the web pages. You also have to write in HTML while developing the front end. HTML is the language of web pages! You cannot leave it. Understanding its features will help you create an interactive front end. 
  • CSS: CSS is another technology that will help you better integrate the front end with the back end. HTML creates the web pages but how good the presentation is, is determined by CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)
  1. Database Skills

Ruby as I said, is essentially a server-side language. If you become a backend developer or a full-stack, you will invariably work with databases as well. After all, the objective is to always build a secure, fast, and dependable database-supported application. An understanding of databases will also help in writing shorter and smarter code as Ruby on Rails developers can inspect and execute better how to implement the application with respect to the database. 

Some important databases are- 

  • SQL Proficiency in SQL is required for any kind of web developer. In Rails, you have an ActiveRecord function creating SQL code for you but as a developer, you should be able to read logs and fix issues.
  • MYSQL – MYSQL is one of the most famous and powerful database engines. It is here to stay for a really long time in the realm of website development. Ruby on Rails developers must have knowledge about this engine. Apart from it, PostgreSQL is a sophisticated version of MYSQL, can take a look at that and its expertise as well. 
  1. Non-Technical Skills

Of course, technical skills are a must-have but you have to work with a team, talk with clients and give advice or consult with others. All this requires skills beyond the technical ones. How good you are socially will determine your success in the long run. Moreover, how easily you can convey the essence of your code, the knowledge you have, and the coding principles of Ruby without complicating it for the other person determines your caliber. So let’s look at some must-have soft skills for Ruby on Rails developers.

  • Effective communication 
  • Problem-solving skills and learning attitude
  • Critical thinking, analysis skills, and presence of mind
  • Teamwork
  • Openness to experience 

These are the top 5 soft skills that Ruby on Rails developers need to progress in their careers and get to higher positions.  

Apart from them, skills related to tool handling, integration of technologies, testing, and debugging are also important.


Ruby on Rails developers are back in demand these days. Startups also prefer this tool for their prototypes. So you can take advantage of the heat and learn the 5 important skills we talked about and start development. Meanwhile, if you need any consultations regarding projects or any other Ruby on Rails feature then you can contact Optymize. 

Optymize is an online platform that connects Ruby on Rails developers to clients and businesses looking to hire them. If you are a business looking to hire top developers for your project, you can visit the homepage or contact us here.

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